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The Responsibility to Protect @ Ten - a two day conference at the University of Westminster, Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 June 2015.

Ralph & Souter publish on 'special responsibility to protect' in IA and refugee crisis.

"R2P 10 years On" Ralph participates in conference in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, with Asia-Pacific Centre for R2P.

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On June 22nd - 23rd some twenty academics and practitioners from Africa, Europe and North America gathered at the University of Westminster for a two day conference to discuss African perspectives on RtoP and the ICC as well as reflect on RtoP at ten, ahead of the anniversary of the 2005 UN World Summit.

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EUROPE’S REFUGEE CRISIS: Migrating or Fleeing?

Preventing the Kinds of Conflicts that are Hardest to Resolve and Most Costly in Lives

Professor Edward Newman's background paper - co-authored with Eamon Aloyo - explores the political challenges of conflict and atrocity prevention. The key message is that conflict prevention efforts must give greater attention to the underlying driving forces of violence.

Cristina Stefan speaks at R2P anniversary conference in Tokyo

Why the UK has a special responsibility to protect its share of refugees

Waiting for Chilcot: inquiry delay compounding damage that the war has done

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